Sonnleitner for Zone 3 PCC Election
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Year One Summary

MY TRUSTEE SUMMARY (Year One): As a member of the PCC Board of Directors, my “rookie” year is now finished. Those who elected me from Zone 3 (with 103,000 registered voters) and the public as a whole deserve a summary of how my time has been spent and some accomplishments that deserve highlighting.

Following my retirement from full-time teaching Political Science courses at PCC, a review of my 7/1/2015 to 7/1/2016 calendar indicates that an average of about 25 hours per week have been devoted to what could be considered TRUSTEE ACTIVITIES: This includes attending all 18 PCC Board Planning & Executive Sessions as well as Business Meetings; traveling to 6 ACCT (Association of Community College Trustees) or OCCA (Oregon Community College Association) events (in San Diego, Miami two in Washington, D.C., & three in Oregon); participating in 77 events (within the Portland Community College District) for which Board members received explicit invitations (like fundraisers for Campus Compact, whose Vision I strongly identify with, and Justice Within Reach, that celebrated 40 years of McKenzie River Gathering Foundation initiatives); being involved in 73 public events (maintaining) active contact with constituents; & engaging in many sharing sessions with individuals and small groups.

NOTE: Not counted among these 25 hours is an average of 15 additional hours per week devoted to commitments associated with Ascension Church & the Daybreak (Homeless) Shelter Network (for which I volunteer), and the SEUL (Southeast Uplift) and Montavilla Neighborhood Association (Boards on on which I served). So, during my first year of “retirement”, I was engaged in an average of 25+15 = 40 hours per week of unpaid activities!

6 MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS achieved via collaboration among all seven PCC Board members — to which I contributed — would be: 1) the successful hiring of Mark Mitsui as PCC District President; 2) creating the position of Student Trustee, to be filled by the ASPCC District Student Council (DSC) Chair (selected by the consensus of students serving on the DSC); 3) rolling back PCC student tuition increases (affirmed before I joined the PCC Board) from $3/credit hour to $1/credit hour (for Oregon residents) and from $5/credit hour to $3/credit hour (for all international and other non-resident students); 4) supporting PCC’s first “Whiteness History Month” (examining systems of structural discrimination and white privilege) 5) laying a framework for a big expansion of PCC services in Columbia County, and 6) affirming language including the word “collaborative” in the new PCC Mission Statement which now “….supports student success by delivering access to quality education while advancing economic development and promoting sustainability in a collaborative culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”